Bona fides and such

I received my BA in Anthropology from the beautiful SUNY Geneseo  in 2013, with a concentration in bioarchaeology.  I was lucky enough to work closely with the linguist Dr. Szafran as her TA, where I helped with the biological anthropology bits of her introductory anthropology module.


I made my first trek into British academia at Corpus Christi, Cambridge in 2011, where I completed a survey of British Archaeology programme run through the Association for Cultural Exchange.


spoil Lots of glamorous sifting was involved.


In 2012, I completed my bioarchaeology field school training in the gorgeous Menorca, Spain!


After graduation in 2013, I changed my hair color and headed to the American Museum of Natural History for an internship with the North American Archaeology Laboratory.  And then stuck around like a parasite as an intern for the biological anthropology laboratory.


Occasionally entertaining museum visitors


And winning second place in halloween costume contests as Jane Goodall.

After that year of interning, I headed back to the Olde Country to start my MSc in Palaeopathology at Durham University.  My dissertation received Distinction (first honors) and examined the complex palaeoepidemiology of venereal syphilis and the colonial lens through which much of bioarchaeology has been undertaken.

After graduating in January 2016, I began my PhD thesis entitled Seeing is Believing: Excavation and Reclamation of Human Skeletal Remains in Post Conflict Guatemala.


And now in December 2016, I’m about to take my preliminary viva.  If the university decides it still loves me, I’ll head to Guatemala!

If you have any questions about why I chose anthropology, how you can become an anthropologist, studying abroad in the UK, or interning in NYC, feel free to ask!

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